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Messaggio Da HOCUS POCUS il Lun Apr 01, 2013 12:49 pm

Salve ragazzi.
Iniziamo questa sezione con l'intervista al bravissimo Wesley Bourn, uno dei più grandi "Repro Jumbo" al mondo, buona lettura.

Hello Wesley, first of all thank you for your willingness to give us this

1-To start, can you tell us something about yourself, where you live, what
you do, your hobbies besides “Jumbo Machinder”?

I live in Norfolk, NE, USA. I work as a product support engineer with pivot irrigation. For hobbies, I enjoy building Halloween items for my yard. Many of the decorations are animated with air. I also have some RC airplanes.

2-When did you start collecting Jumbo?

I started to get into jumbo collecting in early 2011. When I was a child, I had a Mattel 2nd version Raydeen and Godzilla. Both, of which, I still have today.

3-You prefer to collect the Jumbo "mint" or "loose"?

My collection is almost all "loose" type items. If I do buy a new toy, it doesn't stay in the box for very long. I am not much on collecting boxes.

4-How did your passion instead for the "repros"?

When I first started to collect in 2011, the jumbo machinder section of was pretty slow. WillOhio and I joined the forum near the same time period, he started to work on stickers and I gave making some parts a try. We did trading with each other, which worked well. I started with some of the Mazinga and Raydeen pieces, made a custom wing for the Mattel GaiKing, and then got into making some Goldorak parts. As I started to get some popy version jumbos, they were ones that needed some repairs and fixing up, so continued to expand the reproduction parts for those.
I also decided to make some of my own limited custom parts for fun. Like a custom bowfist for Raydeen, torso and ankle yo-yos for Combattler, Then decided to build my own custom Spazer ship as I was never going to afford the original ship.

5-What materials do you use?

For many of my reproduction parts, I like to use silicone mold material and smooth-cast 65D resin. Both, are bought from I also use some of their other resins depending on the need.

6-There are precautions to be observed?

Smooth-On material are pretty safe for personal usage. Having some ventilation for the resins is good, but they don't produce much fumes or odors. With the platinum silicone, it can be picky sometimes for not curing against certain paints when making a mold of an object.

7-What was your creation more complicated?

Making a reproduction Raydeen bowfist took a couple tries to figure out how to reproduce it easier. It is still a harder fist to cast without getting some thin spots or air pockets in the area where it fits onto Raydeen's shoulder.

8-What was your creation that gave you the most satisfaction?

The Spazer comes first to mind, as it was project that took about 8 months to finalize due to building a vacuum forming machine and not working on it for 2 or 3 months because the Summer of 2012 was very hot and didn't go out shop very much then. I also really like the custom torso and leg yo-yos for Combattler.

9-You're happy to be recognized as one of the best Jumbo artist around the world?

I have to give much of the artist title to the people who came up with the original designs, concepts, that I try to replicate or customize. Making parts at home, it provided admiration to the actual toy makers. For making parts that fit and move very intricately. To making parts or casting pieces that produce smooth surfaces. I would love to see how a toy manufacturer makes prototypes, how they build molds, and produce the parts over and over again. They are the true artists that we tend to take for granted when a figure make not fit just perfect or has a little blemish.

10-What do you think of those who do not like the repro?

Personally myself, I would like to have original as well, but with the supply and demand, finding some of the less common jumbos are hard to get complete without paying good money for them. I wish Uni-Five could have stayed in business for a few years longer as Combattler was next on the list of jumbos. Would love to had a minty and complete Combattler.

11-What advice would you give to those who are approaching now the world of repro?

I think more collectors are looking at reproduction parts to fix up incomplete jumbos. Right now, a good deal of the nice jumbos are already in the hands of earlier collectors. When a pristine, less common jumbo does come up on an auction site, it fetches a good deal of money to obtain it.

If someone is looking at making their own parts, I have given out some of my experience and advice to those that have asked. In the last year, I have seen a few more people get into some of the reproduction making, which is good for community of collectors that have jumbos that are missing parts to make them whole again.

12-If you had the ability to mass-produce a jumbo all yours, what materials would you use, PVC or ABS?

I would love to make parts like they did originally, with polyethylene and blowmold process. It is hard to match some of the original parts as the blowmold plastic has different pigments, translucence when observed under different lighting than the 2 part plastic resins that I use.

13-What are your favorite colors in Jumbo?

I like the use of black, white, and colors that are of the original anime.

14-Your's top ten Jumbo?

Hmmm, hard question. I didn't grow up with the anime cartoons, and my own personal tastes don't go towards the ultra rare jumbos. Starting off, my first three are from the Marvel comic book series Shogun Warriors which I only had as a young person. So, I may have quite the different picks than many others.

Dangard Ace
then, my list would be:
Battle Fever

15-you know that in Italy there are many fans of “Jumbo Machinder”?

I think we not always aware on how far Go Nagai's super robots have influenced people as they grew up, all around the world. While there are not that many forums for the jumbo machinder, our language barriers and internet searches, do limit our perspectives for not realizing there are a lot more collectors out there than we think. Well, until we are bidding against each other on Yahoo Japan Smile

Wesley thank you for cooperation and availability.
A special thanks to Jumbomania's staff.

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